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Glass fragments part 2

I have been thinking for quite some time now what to write about next - then some days ago I found a translation of the Dagbladet-article my "Glass Fragments 2009"-article dealt with. So I decided to cover some more statements from this one before going over to something else. You can check out the translation here.

Before I start I wanted to point out that I am not only dealing with outright contradictions - some of Vikernes´ statements "just" don´t make a lot of sense.


"I was very surprised when I got out of prison and realised the picture the media had painted of the situation. Every page was filled with ‘the Count’, a nickname the journalists had got from Øystein, who used it because I’d applied the pseudonym ‘Count Grishnack’on my debut record."

So this shouldn´t come as a big surprise, should it...?


"I’m not the ‘Count’ depicted in the media. It’s just sad. Those which have known me the longest does not recognize themselves in what’s been written. But I’m partly to blame for this portrayal. Thats the reason I’ve written this book, that I hope will be published."

Yep, another account of history-revisionism after Vargsmål and countless articles written in the past... I wonder if he someday will make up his mind on what "really happened" - I strongly doubt that he will ever come up with the truth (and who would believe him anyway after his countless contradicting accounts...) but maybe he should at least settle with one of his versions one day...and not come up with something new about every 5 years...


"It’s striking that none in the bands considered ‘true’ ever was indicted or prosecuted for church arson, except yours truly, of course."

No? What about Bård “Faust” Eithun (Emperor), Jørn Inge Tunsberg (Hades; changed name to Hades Almighty in 1998) and Samoth (Emperor) for example? Correct me if I´m wrong but this bands were considered "true" back then, right?


During razzias at Vikernes home in Bergen 1993, the police found 150 kilos of explosives and around 3000 rounds of different caliber. The media speculated whether he was about to blow up the Nidaros Cathedral.

"Nonsense. I had gathered this for defence in case Norway was attacked. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union were the ones most likely to attack us. We had no reason to trust either government, the royal family or the armed forces considering what went down the last time anyone attacked. We are left to ourselves, he says."

There is also another theory on why Vikernes had stored 150 kilos of dynamite --

"Given how much valuable information LOC does present, it is some-what incredible that the book fails to note that at the time that Vikernes murdered Euronymous, he was also planning to destroy an Oslo-based punk anti-fascist squat called Blitz House. After his arrest for murder, the police discovered that he had about 330 pounds of stolen dynamite in his possession. Vikernes may have felt that he had no choice but to kill Euronymous before bombing Blitz House because "the Communist" would almost certainly have opposed such an act- Recall in this context that Vikernes also claimed that Euronymous had been plotting to have him killed- It may well be true that Vikernes really did murder Euronymous for petty personal reasons. By refusing to even mention Blitz House, however, LOC glides over another potentially highly relevant motive."

(From the article "How Black is Black Metal")


The 8th of August this year, the following happen, according to Vikernes: At home in Bergen, Vikernes is played a private phone conversation between a friend of the same age and Øystein Aarseth. Vikernes is informed that Aarseth is planning his murder. This in spite of Aarseth having signed Vikernes on his record label ‘Deathlike Silence Production’.

Exactly...planning to kill the best-selling artist on your record label...makes perfect sense, doesn´t it...?


Because of the phone conversation and the false letter, I was mad at Øystein. And when I’d made it up the stairs to his apartment, he must’ve seen it, because he was very frightened. Either that, or he considered his own plans of killing me, experiencing discomfort as I suddenly arrived. He could just have opted leaving and never writing me a letter. I didn’t want anything to do with him.

Or Vikernes could have just ignored the fucking I said in my first article.


"They judged me in advance and whipped up so strong emotions against me that even the once so ‘tough’ and ‘hard’ black metal musicians were lining up in front of police stations to turn me in, blaming it all on my person. Of course they did; I’d just killed their idol in a power struggle of Øystein’s imaginary organization."

Let´s have a look at this quote again:

“In 1991 most of the metal musicians in Norway believed Euronymous was a so-called cool guy, but in mid or late 1992 most of us realized that he was not.”

So, whose idol if, according to Vikernes, most of the metal musicians in Norway had started to dislike Euronymous...?


Now while being finished with the Dagbladet-article I would like to go back to Vikernes´ text about Euronymous. Vikernes stated that Euronymous was about to go to jail for four months at the end of August 1993 - according to an old interview with Occultus this was actually true --

"I have to learn all the trax for it and Euronymous is going to jail for 4 months because he cut a guy so he had to sew 38 switches."

As I said in my first article, if this was true, there was not much Vikernes would have had to fear about (at least during the four months of Euronymous´ incarceration).


I found a very interesting comment regarding this statement:

"By then Euronymous was back on his feet. He looked resigned and said: "It's enough", but then he tried to kick me again, and I finished him off by thrusting the knife through his skull, through his forehead, and he died instantaneously."


"When I jerked the knife from his skull he fell forward, and rolled down a flight of stairs like a sack of potatoes - making enough noise to wake up the whole neighbourhood (it was a noisy, metal staircase)."

From this article, in the user comments:

"A dull knife through the forehead? Vikernes was either built like a linebacker, Aarseth had a skull like a papier-mache egg, or Vikernes is absolutely and utterly full of shit about putting the knife through the guy’s skull while he was alive – not to mention, unless it was a really fucking big knife, the frontal lobe of the brain doesn’t control motor and involuntary functions, so he wouldn’t have died instantly, anyway.

Not to mention, Aarseth would have had to have fallen through Vikernes if he “fell forwards down the steps” after Vikernes yanked the knife out of the guy’s forehead."

Since I couldn´t have said it any better I felt like using this quote. It´s sad, though, I didn´t think of this myself before...


Well, that´s it for now - I am not sure yet what to write about next (I was thinking about an article dealing with Vikernes´ statements in and about Lords of Chaos, either this or I will wait until Vikernes comes up with something new...we´ll see...) since I started the blog with the most controversial article; anything else is just a "nice" addition to what´s already been said. Those who didn´t get it by then that Vikernes is a pathetic liar probably never will, no matter what I or others might come up with in the future.

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