Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Euronymous' Legacy

I've had this link in the list for quite a while now but since the owner of that page occasionally mentions and links to deathrowfortraitors I thought it deserves a special mention here. And today is the perfect day for it, I thought.

So, if you like this blog I am sure you will like this tribute page as well.

Hails to the creator, he does a GREAT job.

Friday, January 1, 2016

"I've never been a Nazi..."

Remember the interview in Dagbladet (English translation) some years ago where Vikernes vehemently denied that he ever was a Nazi?

Well, well...now take a look at this (click for full size):

More detail:

Now I guess this should settle his "little" history revisionism in that regard once and for all... unless he claims the letter is a forgery or something. Wouldn't even surprise me to be honest.

Pictures taken from The True Mayhem Collection on facebook.


Now while we are at it - there is this letter from Euronymous that also surfaced on The True Mayhem Collection:


"I think the Count got too much shit from people [...] don't care what happens to him, he's not one of us anymore."

(According to the uploader the letter was sent on August 9th)

That's of course not irrefutable proof but to me it sounds like Euronymous was pretty indifferent towards Vikernes at that point - certainly not planning to kill him. He could have at least said something like "hope the Count gets run over by a bus" (or something) but not even a remark like that...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Here we go again

Sort of.

I haven't posted in quite a while simply because Vikernes hasn't come up with anything that would be relevant for this blog (at least nothing came to my attention). It was of course inevitable that at one point he would run out of options to re-invent the past regarding the murder. Everything else he is involved in/with (politics, his RPG, Neanderthals and whatnot) is of no interest for this blog as I have stated before.

There is this video (the relevant part starting at 5:04), though, and I have been thinking for quite a while if I should post about it - and eventually I decided why not? In a somewhat "concluding" article. Unless he comes up with something spectacularly new in the future. I'm not holding my breath, though.

In the above mentioned video - if you carefully watch his body language you can see that he is carefully pondering his words, some statements even quoting himself almost verbatim. Sure, that's the best strategy to keep your lies straight... but if you're actually telling the truth you don't need to be that careful of course. He is an excellent liar but fortunately not impossible to see through.


In other news - it seems the Lords of Chaos movie is in pre-production again. And I thought this was off the table...
Still wondering what their intended target audience for this movie is...? Those who were seriously into Black Metal back in the days don't like the idea (to put it mildly), those not into Black Metal - why would they be interested in a movie like this?

Black Metal is dead let's mutilate the corpse for fun and profit or something...? Emphasis on profit. Surprise...


In hindsight I don't think I have made much of a difference (if any at all) with this blog. You could say I failed. But hey, at least I tried... (if you think you can do better please do). Some years ago I was somewhat (naively) hoping the "scene" might get back to at least a shred of it's former credibility and this blog was sort of supposed to be my contribution. But looks like I was dead wrong. It has only gotten worse in my opinion. Much worse. Anyway.

At least as long as I live Euronymous and what he has created won't be forgotten.


Thanks to all those who have contributed to this blog in any way / supported me. You rule.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Translation of 1993 DSP newsletter

Well, today I remembered that I actually have a translation of the old DSP newsletter (I got on my photobucket), so I decided to post it here. The translation was not made by me and sadly I don´t remember where I got it in the first place, since it was buried unnoticed on my harddrive for years.

This is the newsletter I am talking about (view page two, a list of albums/prices, here):

(click for full size)

x = left out
[xxx] = paragraph deleted
{...} = comments by translator

We have started again!

There are some people that have tried calling us without getting any contact. The phone has been shutdown while we have used the last couple of months to moving and rearranging things. We are now hoping to be able to offer a more efficient service on postal-orders, and after while we´ll see if we will be able to open a store for sale again; we are working on it. It is still uncertain what will happen, but we will give you notice when we know something.

In about a week´s time the phone will be re-opened, and it will again be possible to phone in orders. On the back of this paper you will find a list over news that have come in lately, and more is happening. Call for more information - it will be possible to call between xx:xx and xx:xx monday through saturday. Outside this time you will be able to leave a message on the machine.


Because of all the noise with all the journalists, we have been laying low - and we intend to continue doing that. Therefore the phone has been registered SECRET, and similar precautions will be taken concerning other matters.

Some good news concerning concerts - the 24th of August there will be arranged a "Black Metal Night" in Oslo! This will all happen at a pub called "Lusa Lotte" (!) - it lies on x left of x. The price is 40,-. The bands playing are Emperor, Marduk and Dissection. It will be a great concert, so be there! The place rooms no more than a couple of hundred, so be there early!

{As you know, this was written shortly before he died (and sent the day he died!) so at this time everything was ready with this concert. Of course, one year later - may second through fifth the infamous "Black Metal Nights", not one night, but four nights, were held. All in honor of Euronymous. Also...this was the time the trials against Count Grishnackh was held. In court during the day, Black Metal shows at night.}

On the other hand we can mention there will be a recordfall of the rare kind. Only on our label - DSP - there are seriously starting to be released great albums. These can be expected:

1. Mayhem - "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas"
2. Sigh - "Scorn Defeat"
3. Enslaved - "Vikingligr Veldi"
4. Monumentum - "In Absentia Christi"
5. Abruptum - 2nd LP
6. Tormentor - "Anno Domini"

{Tormentor and Monumentum both were released on other labels - years later.}

and for the vinylfreaks, we may have a serious surprise towards the end of the year. We are not certain that everything will work out, but wait and see. We have also signed a new band, MYSTICUM, and you really have something to look forward to. Debut LP/CD "Serpent Mysticism" will be out this winter.

We will start sending out newsletters including lists over what albums have been released since last time, with (hopefully) set intervals. Once a year there will be released a main-catalog.

As usual the prices keeps going up, and we feel obligated to raise prices as well - LP 100,- / CD 150,- / mCD 120,- / Irritating, but necessary. The postage will stay the same with a maximum of 30,- plus 15,- for packaging. Some titles are getting seriously hard to come by on LP, but we refuse to go over to ONLY CD.

That´s all for now - call for more information (journalists can fuck themselves) - TLF: xx xxxxxx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 years

" [...] I hate that period of my life. It´s disturbing to me that I didn´t mourn Euronymous properly. I didn´t go to his funeral. I think lots of people went, but I had no information about it, same as when Dead died. I felt upset that no one told me the date or anything about the upcoming ceremony, but I didn´t take any steps to find out things for myself. For sure, I wouldn´t have known what to do there. I´ve still never been to his grave. I need to have a reason or a plan. I can´t just go there. I would need to be mentally strong. I have thought seriously about going there for over ten years, but it never seems right. One day I will know I am ready, but I can´t guess when that will be. I passed where Helvete used to be in a cab around 1996 and felt spooked. In 2009, I met a friend at a cafe that opened next door to where Helvete used to be. I still felt spooked.

Now there´s a semi-official "black metal tour" in Oslo organized yearly by the Inferno Festival where they go to see Euronymous´s grave, and even visit the old cellar of Helvete. Maybe for those people, it doesn´t take anything from them to peer at his grave and take a photo of the tombstone. Those things happen because of all the interest in the media, just like people want to see Jim Morrison´s grave in Paris. I´m sure people who were close to Jim Morrison don´t like that, either. Of course, there´s nothing you can do about it - people will go to his grave. I think many people fail to comprehend that Euronymous was actually a real person, but most of the tourists are teenagers or nearly so. There were a lot of things I had a hard time grasping when I was their age, too.

I truly miss Euronymous. I miss the pre-Helvete time, our friendship prior to the early ´90s, when black metal became such a big thing. He was my closest friend for a long time, and I have many memories of our incredible times. You don´t make many friends like that in a lifetime. We were almost in complete agreement, not about everything, but we liked the same things. His murder is still the most horrible thing that ever happened to me. I understand that now, but at that time I did not."

- Metalion

Quote taken from the recently published "Slayer Mag Diaries",
page 265 - 266