Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fantoft, Lindisfarne and Black Metal

"I was not found guilty of burning the Fantoft Stave Church in
Bergen, but anyways that was what triggered the whole thing.
That was on the 6th of June, and everyone linked it to Satanism, because of the 6-6 and it was on the 6th day of the week.

What everyone overlooked was that on the 6th of June, year 793, in Lindisfarne in Britain was the site of the first known Viking raid in history, with Vikings from Hordaland, which is my country.

Nobody linked it to that - nobody."

(Vikernes in Lords of Chaos; page 88 - 89)

Very probably nobody linked it to that simply because it´s not
true - the raid on Lindisfarne actually happened on the 8th of June 793.

Sources for example here, here and here


"Only MAYHEM, BURZUM and DARKTHRONE play Black Metal."

(Vikernes interviewed in Charontaphos zine #1; 1993
Pages one, two - quote taken from page one)


The essence of Burzum was in the beginning the total destruction of Christianity in Scandinavia. Is it still the same?

"Yes, and Burzum is still not Black Metal!"

(Vikernes interviewed in I Return to Darkness zine #6; 1998
Pages one, two, three, four, five, six - quote taken from page three)


Then this:

The Reasons for the Development of Burzum away from 'metal' music.


And most recently:

I want to bide my time, so that the product sounds the way I like it. It’s going to be metal, and the fans can expect real Burzum, he explains.

(From the English translation of Vikernes´
most recent interview in Dagbladet)

Going full circle, huh?


Speaking of that Dagbladet article (again) -

"I’ve never been a nazi, and I’m not one today."

Well, maybe he should take a look on what he said some years ago in the (above posted) interview for "I Return to Darkness zine #6"... if that´s not the "textbook definition" of a Nazi-worldview then what is?! I hate to link to bullshit like this, but there´s no way around doing so, I guess. You will see what I mean when you read the interview...

I wonder what else he could come up with until his followers realize his ongoing changes of mind and the (constant changing) pathetic attempts of piecing himself a background together that´s far away from the truth.

Yes, I know I have addressed that before, but I didn´t provide the interview back then, only the photo of Vikernes at the court session so I decided to deal with that topic again to make it clear once and for all.


To close this article, another quote from Lords of Chaos (page 153):

"The one thing they [the Satanists] lack is honor. When they say "survival of the fittest" they mean survival of the most callous. Survival of the guy who shoots you in the back. Survival to the guy who attacks you ten-on-one, or who cheats and lies. That´s Satanism."

Oh, the irony...


Eivind said...

june 6th on here and other sources. You should freshen up on your google skills.

Chagrynn said...

So we have one source June 6th (since you didn´t bother to share the "other sources") and three June 8th.

And what exactly makes your source more valid than mine...?

The information on the blog you posted the link to could have very well been inspired by Vikernes´ statement (since there is even a list of (Black) Metal songs referencing Lindisfarne) Also, the author of this blog just stated "6th of June" and that´s it - no source no nothing - you don´t expect me to take that seriously, do you?

When you look at my sources, though, they seem to be a lot more serious approaches on providing valid information on the raid.